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K-9 Companions New Book - Endorsement by Author Amanda Morgan
Brace Command: This command helps someone who is unsteady on their feet
Pressure Command: This command is used to ground a person in a stressful situation such as a doctors visit
Lights Command: This command is used for people who don’t like to enter dark rooms or want the lights turned on after a night terror
Nudge: Is a silent command where the dog is taught to look for a “tell” of handler anxiety (as seen here with the scratching) and interrupt it by pawing at the owner. This can be done with the owner sitting, standing, or laying down
K-9 Companions Dog Trainers Course & Book Endorsement by Author Amanda Morgan
K9 Companions General Video
Item Protection Video
K-9 Personal Protection Video
K-9 Companions - New DIY online Course-Endorsement by author Amanda Morgan
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Service Dogs for the Disabled Video
Service Dog Video
K-9 Companions - New Dog Trainers Course- Endorsement by Amanda Morgan

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