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Your online course has 10 modules. There are workbooks with over 300 pages and tests. There are 10 books that are required reading. There are 11 more books that are suggested reading. In addition, each module contains videos. There is also a mentored version for people who want to get started early with video exchanges

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Certified Trainer (CT) 3 weeks

Certified Trainers Course (CT): This course is three full weeks of eight-hour days spent with us or 120 hours of hands-on training. You will learn all of the basics of teaching Level 1 obedience, problem solving, and manners to both dogs and clients. You will sit in on consultations, check out lessons, shadowing trainers to in-home lessons, while at the same time working with dogs that are in the kennel for training yourself under the supervision of our professional training staff. This hands-on instruction is available only after taking the Advanced Training Certificate online course. This will better prepare you to make the most of your three weeks with us at the facility (120 hours).

We suggest that after taking this course to obtain your CT degree, that you go out and apply what you have learned either by offering a discounted rate course to friends, family, and neighbors to get experience, working for a trainer, or working as a trainer volunteer at a shelter or rescue agency. This is so that you can get some experience prior to your next level of training with us. We will ask you to send us a dozen before and after videos of your clients and dogs.

Certified Advance Trainer (CAT) 3 weeks

Certified Advanced Trainer (CAT): This course will concentrate on more advanced levels of training. Off-leash obedience, the Canine Good Citizen Test, and the beginning stages of training service dogs and therapy dogs, as well as rehab dogs.

You will be spending another 3 weeks (120 hours) with us. You will be involved in working with all three steps included in off leash training, preparing dogs for the CGC test, and working with service and therapy dogs at various levels of their training. You will continue to watch consultations, lessons at the facility, and shadowing trainers to in-homes and public access outings for service and therapy dogs.

We will again ask you to go out and work with people through one of the previously mentioned ways of gaining experience with clients and dogs. We will ask you to supply us with a dozen before and after videos of off-leash obedience, problems, and manners with dogs you have trained exclusively.

Certified Master Trainer (CMT) 3 weeks

Certified Master Trainer (CMT): This course will cover both of the previous levels and now add on advanced applications of service dog training at all levels (120 hours). Service dog training for PTSD, TBI, Mobility, and Wheelchair Assistance. Retrieving items, opening doors, drawers, turning on and off lights, and reacting to requests for help from a family member.

Phone sales and in-person sales will be covered as well. Phone Sales, Consultations, and Business Counseling, Affiliate or Trademark status will be discussed as well as membership in the Alliance of K-9 Professionals. This will help you network with other trainers and keep you current by inviting you to at- tend conferences and seminars (a total of 360 hours).


  • The Alliance of K-9 Professionals will be involved in strategies to combat negative stereotypes of dogs or training practices online or in the media.
  • The Alliance of K-9 Professionals will set up and sponsor training seminars on various subjects.
  • The Alliance of K-9 Professionals will be involved in promoting positive legislation and responsible regulation for the training industry.
  • The Alliance of K-9 Professionals will be involved in writing books and materials to distribute and promote the organization.

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