Ridiculous. That face. We know. And as cute as this guy is, he has a great disposition. Lumache is a fast learner, already having mastered his basic obedience cues.

His favorite things are: treats, playing, and socializing with all types of people.

He was rescued by Humane Law Enforcement at the Pennsylvania SPCA and he’s looking forward to leaving his past behind and living his best life with…it could be you!

Good things come in small packages! Rigatoni (aka Tony) is an energetic young guy who is learning how to “say please” and walk nicely on a leash.
He’s adorable and everyone who meets him wants to say hello, and you know what?–The feeling is mutual.

He’s a social butterfly and the life of the party.

She’s got a smile so sweet…and she’s one of our star pupils. She’s mastered all of the Canine Good Citizen training as easy as 1-2-3.
With her even disposition and winning ways, she’s sure to bring her forever family a never-ending supply of happiness and laughs.
Stellini was found as a stray and dropped off at ACCT Philly by a Good Samaritan.
How anyone could have let this sweet girl out of their sight is a mystery to us but we are happy and privileged to give her this second chance.

Our Bigoli has already won the hearts of his trainers and fellow students. As sweet as he is big (not too big, really — 73 lbs), this guy is all about peace, love and snuggling.

He has never met a stranger, and in fact he has already completed an informal therapy visit to some of the younger incarcerated folks at the Philadelphia Prison.

Ziti has made some special friends and won many hearts during her time with us. She’s our “utility infielder” dog…with just the right balance of energy and ability to relax with her people.

She’s making us all proud with her ability to learn quickly and learn important skills like walking nicely on a leash.

She has bonded very closely with her handlers and she would make an excellent companion for someone who wants to enjoy a close and special relationship with a devoted dog.

This handsome and confident young fellow is a playful pleaser, with both humans and fellow canines.

He doesn’t let anything stand in the way of his happiness.

Orzo was found by a police officer tied to a fence and brought to ACCT Philly where we found him, and we knew this young man just needed a bit of training to become a perfect gentleman.

He’s ready to move in with his forever family and navigate all the joys and wonders that this world has to offer.

My Fair Lady! Farfalle was rescued from life on the streets and she has transformed into a healthy beauty.

She has gone through a lot with some initial medical issues, but in spite of it all she always tolerated handling and treatments well, winning the hearts of her medical team.

This striking gal wasted no time in learning her basic obedience cues. And despite her previous outdoor lifestyle she has had no trouble in mastering house training.

She is affectionate and would love nothing more than to enjoy a quiet life where she can be your true companion.

Background: Arrieta was found as a stray by a good samaritan and brought to ACCT Philly when her owner could not be found. This sweet girl was terrified to be in a large crowded shelter and has clearly had puppies in the past – even though she is barely out of puppyhood herself. Luckily some incredible volunteers noticed her and brought her to our attention so that we could see her docile sweet personality shine. She loves dogs and gives great hugs! Check back for more details as we get to know her!