Top 10 Hazards Around Your House For Your Pups

It is very important not to share food from your plate with a dog before you check to see if it is safe. It is also critically important to make sure that herbicides and pesticides are locked up like you would if you had a toddler to protect. Here are some of the top dangers your dog could come in contact with:

1. Chocolate (especially dark chocolate)
Can cause toxicosis resulting in seizures and death.

2. Grapes and raisins
Can cause renal failure

3. Macadamia Nuts
Are poisonous to dogs.

4. Onions and Onion Powder and Garlic
Kill canine blood cells. Garlic is not as bad but in large amounts can be toxic.

5. Cooked bones
Cooked bones of any type can splinter and result in choking hazards or trips to the emergency room due to becoming lodged in the mouth or throat. Cooked bones splinter unlike raw bones.

common foods toxic to dogs

6. Pharmaceuticals

Many people are not aware that dogs cannot take many human medications. In fact, many dogs die each year from ingesting meds accidentally dropped on the floor by their owners. If a dog ingests Aleve, Tylenol, or Advil etc., it can result in renal failure. Always consult your veterinarian before using a human medication on a dog.

Veterinary prescriptions can also become dangerous or deadly to your dog if he overdoses. Make sure to keep his heart worm and flea and tick medications well out of reach. Since they are flavored so that he will take them, he may also eat the whole box if it is within reach. Be very cautious about this.

7. Household Items

Electrical cords, batteries, small toys (choking hazards), dryer sheets, and anything that is ingestible (socks, towels) can cause intestinal obstructions and lead to costly surgeries or death. This is why the use of confinement devices with puppies and young dogs is important. Similar to babies who put everything in their mouths.

8. Insecticides, Rodenticides, Cleaning Products, and Antifreeze.

These are things you might have in the garage or under your sink. If the dog ingests any of these products it could lead to death. Never leave a dog locked in a garage with these items. He must be in a crate or dog run in these areas to remain safe.

9. Toxic Plants

Many people don't even realize that certain plants can harm or kill their dog. Common houseplants as well as plants that are in your yard may be overlooked. There are too many toxic plants to name here but you can easily look them up. Some people are shocked to find a hidden toxic plant in their yard if they moved into a home that was already planted. Your dog may find it before you do, so best take a walk around and look up any plants you are not sure of.

10. Cigarettes, and street drugs

Many dogs die each year from ingesting street drugs. Any drug from alcohol to cigarettes, to weed, can make your dog very ill or in extreme cases like cocaine or heroin among others can actually kill your dog. It is not funny to allow your dog to drink alcohol or blow smoke in his face. It's similar to doing this to a 2 year old. Not funny!

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