K-9 companions Mt Juliet - I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for my Ellie Belle. She is a young pup with lots of energy and was very hard to control. I dreaded taking her out for a walk because she would not listen and actually ended up walking me instead!!! After 3 weeks at k-9 companions, she is a different dog and I can really enjoy walking her now. She still needs daily conditioning but she is consistent following all the commands that she was taught. The facility is immaculate and all of the people that I came in contact with were super. There is no doubt all of the staff love animals and I when I went to pick Ellie up, there was no doubt that Ellie loved them also. That made me feel so good to know they had treated my dog so well. After Ellie had been there a few days, they contacted me to let me know that Ellie was not eating very well. They offered (with my permission) to try mixing other ingredients with her food to hopefully help her to eat. It worked!! That was only one thing (of many) that really impressed me and let me know they cared about my dog. I got many pictures and updates about how her training was going which also meant a lot to me. I want to give special thanks to Nikki, She is awesome!!! When I went for my training, I was able to record (Nikki and Ellie's demonstration) on my phone of what Ellie had learned. Now when I play that back and Ellie hears Nikki's voice she starts howling and wagging her tail.(LOL) Great facility - Great staff. I would highly recommend K-9 companions to anyone that wants great training for their dog. Thanks so much to Karen, Nikki and the entire team!!!!!