We acquired a GSD (Ripley) about 5 months ago and although we have had GSD’s before, this one was different. She would not listen well and pestered our other dogs, creating stress for them and us and did not like visitors. Over time we fell in love with her yet realized she has anxiety as well as aggression toward anyone else who came to visit. We contacted K-9 Companions Nashville and they got back with us within 48 hours. We took Ripley for a visit and evaluation and signed her up for 3 1/2 weeks of training. We brought our girl home this weekend and the difference in her is night and day! She listens extremely well now and doesn’t pester the others like she did before! It’s amazing! Karen also made it point to send lots of updates and pics letting us know how everything was going. Karen, owner and head trainer, explained our GSD is a high defense dog and likely bred for police work. It is in her DNA. We may have to take her back for additional training to help bring down her high defense trait, but for now we are SO THANKFUL for what Karen and her team of trainers have done for our dog and for us. Karen and this training center are extremely knowledgeable in training and helping with other issues and have many years of experience. They were such a Godsend! If you live in the Nashville area and need training for your dog, we highly recommend K-9 Companions Nashville!