I can’t say enough about K9 Companions. We started with an evaluation when our Standard Poodle was 3 months old. We wanted her to be a service dog. She went to Doggie training at 4 months and she came back a different dog. Trained beautifully! People’ could not believe how obedient and calm she was. Now at 10 months she is being trained to be just as obedient outside without a lead. She also is being trained to pick up and get items for me. She is learning all kinds of things that will benefit me as a service dog (I have MS).
She will go back closer to when she is full grown to be fitted for her harness and learn how to pull and help me balance. Nikki has been a godsend. They let you know their progress and send wonderful photos and videos of your dogs.
The facility is like a home away from home. The dogs are treated like family.
I would recommend them for any dog training!