Dear K-9 Companions, It has been a year since our “Lucky” completed your Home Manners and Management Course along with monthly refresher visits at your facility. We are convinced that your course has been one of the best financial and time investments we have made. Now that Lucky has grown to his 90 pound size, it is even more apparent that good behavior is essential. Without your excellent training, Lucky would not have become the high level cherished companion that he is. I smile when I recall that George had him tagged correctly from the beginning.. . . . that Lucky would be a great “couch potato”. Yes, that is true. He comfortably “hangs” with the family indoors and outside, exhibits excellent manners and obedience, is a pleasure to take on walks and runs, trustworthy to keep home boundaries. . . in short, he is a just right for our family. Having retained all that he learned, Lucky is a credit to the effectiveness of your Boot Camp™ Course. Thank you for the quality time and professional training from your entire organization. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Reed Family