Dear Karen and family:

We want to thank you and your family for everything you’ve done for us. It was important to Jasen that Cora (his service dog) was at home in her bed (when she had to be put down) as she always had a tendency to become stressed during veterinary visits. She was more relaxed being at home by Jasen’s side. It was much easier for Jasen to know that she was comfortable and happy at the end. We really appreciate you calling Dr. Hicks for us and the fact that he was willing to come to our home for this special dog who had been by Jasen’s side for 12 years.

We would like you to know that you would have been proud of Cora. She has done so many things for Jasen over the years. She comforted Jasen when he was down or sick. She also helped to comfort and cheer up many other children when Jasen was in the ICU at Loma Linda. She touched the lives of the nurses too.

During the times that Jasen was in the ICU Cora had to visit him every day to make sure that he was fine. If she wasn’t able to visit she would make herself sick with worry. This was how attached she was to Jasen and how much she loved him.

When Cora went to visit Jasen she would pull on her leash to get to him. Once she found him she would not leave his side. Sometimes she would stay with him until 10:00 at night. During the day she would visit the kids in the ICU. Some had been there for 3 months or more and they always would smile when they saw her and shake hands with her.

Once again, we would like to thank you and your family for everything! If ever there is anything we can do for your family please let us know.


The Strand Family

Riverside, Ca